Under Vehicle Surveillance System working principle and Benefits

If your premises should be invulnerable then the best thing is to install Magtech’s Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS). Our UVSS is designed to scan and record crisp, clear videos and images of the entire lower part of the vehicles. You can do it all with one scanning system. Magtech’s UVSS a cost-effective and convenient solution for checking vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, vans, etc. It’s the best solution for highly confidential and costly goods storing facilities and wherever vehicle monitoring is completely required.

The Under Vehicle Surveillance System’s cameras give you clear-cut images. Bright LED lights flash in the lower part of the vehicle so details won’t be lost in shadows. The cameras on the UVSS helps to capture the ramp, wheels, and other details. The camera captures the vehicle whenever it passing over the UVSS. There won’t be any IR provided in UVSS it may confuse the security guard from switching black and white images from a color image. During the 1980s the first under-vehicle scanning system was developed. Magtech’s Under vehicle surveillance systems will come as permanent ones or as portable ones.

Working Principle of Magtech’s Under Vehicle Surveillance System:

When the vehicle reaches the UVSS area the cameras capture the lower part of the vehicle  and transfers them to the security cabin where the captured images are displayed on a monitor. The security cabin and monitor can be near to the place where UVSS is located.

The captured images can be stored for later observation or can be operated for a closer look if they feel any suspicious on the vehicle.

Benefits of Magtech’s Under Vehicle Surveillance System:

  • It helps security guards to observe the lower part of a returning vehicle. UVSS manufacturers have also designed and developed security cameras to identify the threats which may present under the vehicle.
  • In most places, Hand-held mirrors were used instead of Under Vehicle Scanning System. Handheld mirrors are the least expensive and come up with old technology, this has many restrictions and the security workforce will be always in close danger.
  • Checking the vehicle’s undercarriage using handheld mirrors is a time-consuming process and handheld mirrors provide a restricted view like failing to show the middle of the vehicle.
  • For some important applications like border crossings, the main motive is to check the possible illegal movement of vehicles. Here using handheld mirrors won’t be perfect and security can miss some details. So, having UVSS will give a clear view of the vehicle’s undercarriage.
  • The Under Vehicle Surveillance System gives you high-resolution and sharp images.
  • In UVSS you can place cameras anywhere on the length of the ramp.

By seeing this you can get to know how UVSS works and its benefits. Magtech Group, UVSS in Chennai is one of the best security system company in India. We produce top-tier security systems to make you and your surroundings feel safe. Our team can help you with your requirements and come up with perfect solutions to upgrade your security to the next level. Click here and contact us to have a clear view of security systems.

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